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Joe Biden You ain’t black shirt

How would such a person lead, for example, on climate change? What would happen with Biden is very incremental progress when we are really faced with a catastrophe where one climate-induced disaster after another is wreaking havoc. It will get worse now each year. We have no time left to address climate change. There is […]

The Cleveland Browns 75th anniversary 1946 2021 thank you for the memories shirt

You cannot have it both ways. Blame your governor. Voting blue is the states suffering. Look at Florida doing great barely any cases of the virus. More cases locked down to go to Walmart etc. We need to reorganize commerce ports by moving some into red states in order to prevent the blue states, which […]

Lion being a dad is an honor being a papa is priceless shirt

Again we are not asking for our immigrant spouse only asking for ourselves and our children who have suffered hardship in this pandemic lockdown. Now will you please open these states that are in tyrannical shut down due to overzealous dictatorial governors who think they own the people and everything we do. So, every right-thinking […]

Dear Daddy no matter where I go in life shirt

They also would become dangerous. I stand with Our President on this. It’s a necessity. We are starting farm co-ops in different states. These are being started by the farmer/ranchers, their donations, and the donations of citizens/ buyers. They are growing. Please help with this move forward in any way you can. The Trimet system […]

57 years of Neil Diamond 1963 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

My dad was pretty dark-skinned even for Native Americans. His mom was a light brown where my dad was really dark going towards light-skinned black. His stepfather was Italian and obviously not his dad even to a 5 year old me. Not just the skin but the two looked nothing alike. My dad was lean […]

I garden so I don’t choke people save a life send mulch shirt

They aren’t the only ones defying the ban. Christian churches and others are defying the restrictions too I garden so I don’t choke people save a life send mulch shirt. There is also a very political bent to this. Hasidim like many Christian groups wants the public to subsidize their private schools through vouchers so […]