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Flower In a world full of grandmas be a Gigi Ellie Ava Lucille shirt

Please help us. The Dems have mismanaged this state for decades. The money will magically disappear or be misused! We are taxed to death here. A lot of us cannot wait to get out of this state. All they did was give the unions everything they wanted and passed the costs to the residents. They […]

Never underestimate a woman who understands football and loves Alabama Crimson Tide shirt

The so-called reporters show no respect and therefore should receive none. There are dozens of proven times you have said that publically just before you fired someone. Then there are the dozens who have quit and hundreds who said no when you asked them to serve. Those that were found to be acting criminally and […]

The Rolling Stones Yes I am old but I saw The Rolling Stones on stage shirt

And Mick Jagger couldn’t sing to save his life. Can’t dance either and the band has pretty sloppy timing compared to other rock bands. They don’t play tight. They would never go anywhere these days. Better bands, pretty much every rock band has had much better lead singers and guitarists as well as drummers. U2, […]

Skull warrior not dead yet kidney disease awareness shirt

Do you know what’s racist? A show called Skull warrior not dead yet kidney disease awareness shirt. Last I checked Asian people really don’t like to be called that. What people are forgetting is that the joke is coming from Rosanne’s character on the show, which would probably say something like that, like it or […]